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What a summer it has been!!!

Last I wrote I was on a plane bound for Perth Australia!
Looking back over the last month and a half I must say it is nice to have a breather considering all the plane rides and time zones! Perth was so beautiful, and the people of Australia made our trip to one of the world’s sunniest cities that much more enjoyable.

Immediately after our two concerts in Perth, I headed straight to Paris stopping over in Dubai. For my second time to Paris, we immediately began rehearsals for 4 performances of the Two Towers with Maestro Wicki and the 21st Century Orchestra. My cousin joined me for the week, and I saw so many Parisian sights I never even knew existed between preparations for the concerts! The house of Monet, Normandy, and basking in only the most decadent of crepes, picnics in the park, baguettes, and many of the local markets. The city came to life even more than in my first trip there a year ago! … Continue Reading