0 Amsterdam – Concertgebouw & World Cup

Hey Everyone!

I am seeing orange all over the city of Amsterdam! Last time in the Netherlands I was singing in Rotterdam at De Doelen days before the new King Willem Alexander was being crowned. This time around it is all about the world cup! In the US, we are a little behind the rest of the world with our fascination and excitement of all things soccer. All over Europe, people go crazy as their national symbols battle their way to the finals. Here, all of a sudden loud calls, wails, and cheers echo from the many bars and dives that nestle themselves in the winding streets of the city. Even as I boarded my plane to come here, they delayed closing the gate just so we could hear the final score of The Netherlands versus Costa Rica. All of a sudden everyone was screaming, and “off in La-La Land Kaitlyn” asks- what is everyone cheering about? We just advanced to the semi-finals! Everyone on board for dinner received a complimentary flute of champagne- and that NEVER happens!

Who says Venice is the city of canals? Scattered with beautiful scenic walks, everywhere you go there is water! Outside of my hotel room window- tiny boats are docked lazily floating back and forth in the calm water as little orange flags and banners wave on every window and roof. A grandma takes her grandbaby out for a spin, and all I can think is, “Oh my goodness that little boys is so well behaved because Lily would be hanging over the rails if I left her alone like that!” … Continue Reading