0 Ennio Morricone Recording

Howdy Yall! Can’t say I thought Id ever be wearing my cowboy boots on stage with an orchestra-but nothing should ever surprise you if your in show biz ; ) This past week marked another beautiful trip to Luzern Switzerland where I was able to share the microphone and stage with 21st Century Orchestra and Chorus as we made our way through the Wild West!

Michael Peterson, a true gentlemen and heralding as one of Nashville and country music’s great writers and singers won the hearts of all those in attendance. With classics like “Ok Corral” and “Raw Hide” we were complete opposites as I sang Ennio Morricone in true Italian Soprano voice in pieces like “The Good the Bad & the Ugly” and “Once Upon A Time in the West”. He and his crooning twang, me and my soaring  colluratura were quite striking in our diversity: but an orchestra comprised entirely of Swiss and European musicians marvelously recorded music from Hollywood’s iconic Wild Westerns.

 This is the second recording I’ve had the pleasure of doing here at the KKL under Ludwig Wicki’s baton and the precision and musicality of all the musicians and the maestro created such a special atmosphere that I hope comes across on the album.

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