0 A Month of Magazines

I am a LUCKY girl sometimes. I’ve had the luxury to stay in some rather fancy places during my life touring. Not only are the destinations beautiful, but almost every evening for how many years now, I dress up in gowns and stage dresses decking myself to the nines for audiences and the stage.

Before I left for Switzerland to prepare for our Lord of the Rings trilogy at Lincoln Center in NYC I had the absolute honor of writing a piece for Elite Magazine- a publication dedicated to the Fayetteville region and military installations.   What could a singer, performer and musician have to offer such an audience of readers? Well having always had to supply and find my own stage dresses I have MANY tips on where to buy formal gowns without breaking the bank for all the military balls and formal events we as military spouses have to attend. Also, with head shots, photo shoots, publicity and just being an all around performer, I forget the novelty of having pictures taken by a professional photographer or being the center of a photo shoot.   … Continue Reading

0 Feeling Irish in Tacoma, WA

Living at Fort Bragg has its perks. We have great friends; we are two hours from the beach, two hours from the mountains. But having just finished performances in Tacoma Washington with the fabulous Tacoma Symphony, I definitely can say I would not be sad if the Army found a way to settle us at Fort Lewis for a couple years in Washington. I see why all our friends who get stationed here never want to leave! This part of the country has such grandiose landscapes, and with Mt. Ranier’s shadow looking down on you it’s hard to escape the majesty of this country.

I have been looking forward to singing in Tacoma for over a year now. My last time on the west coast was with the Lord of the Rings West Coast Tour, and sadly we just didn’t have enough time to see everything as we went from Arizona all the way to Seattle! But this time around joining me on stage once again, Maestro Sarah Ioannides, Trent Kowalik, and Andrew Lehman breathed life into the beautiful music of the Emerald Isle. There is something truly unique about this concert- it just has something for everyone! … Continue Reading